Make America Great Again...?

America is number one!

You’re right, we are number one;

Number one in military spending.

Number one in people imprisoned.

Number one in discrimination.

In prejudice.

In arrogance.


Make America great again!

By shooting young, innocent people.

Stereotyping them;

Saying they are thugs and unintelligent.

Separating them from the rest.


Make America great again!

By ripping parents from their children,

Sending them back to their counties;

Counties they escaped for a better life.

Supposed better life…


Make America great again!

By banning those from entering

Because of fears that are falsely based.

Blaming them for things they played no part in.

Denying them a right to survive.


Make America great again!


When America was never great to begin with.


Make America great for once!

Stop stereotyping.

Stop separating.

Stop deporting.

Stop banning.


Start accepting.

Start loving.

Start understanding.

Make America great. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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