To Make America Great

Born in 1999,

a Northwest city.

Three sisters and three brothers,

parents with no college degree

and one income.

But what do I know,

of the riots,

police brutality,

racism and how it relates to


What do I know of lawmakers,

who don't think

about feminism and 

autonomy of one's body?

What do you know of the lovers,

who are told not to love

because they aren't straight,

and aren't the same,

and love someone of the same sex?

What do we know,

of the people who were born 

in the wrong body,

and are constatly at war,

trying to just accept themselves?

What do we,




Though we know not,

we know the existance 

of injustice.

We can do more.

You can accept,

I can learn.

We can not be hateful

You can allow autonomy,

I can love.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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