A magic trick

All you see is the exterior form

Instantly you judge me by my face, clothes and background

Yeah I'm different, isn't everyone?

Flawed human beings we are

Hiding behind, creating an illusion

If only people would accept me

See me as I am for there is only one of me

Uniqueness, one of a kind

Like a dragonfruit, hesitant by the skin almost discouraging to eat

Inside the beauty filled with sweetness similar to me

Often others glance one look and walk past me like air

Who was that? I don't know, just some girl.

Like a magic trick depending on how it's utilized

You can make yourself invisible or seen

I don't want to live like this

You only see me and biased you are, you won't accept me

Knowing this I'm afraid to step outside and see the world

Feared by the whispers and harsh words of others

Still I want to live, come out as me

Someday, someone will love me exactly for who I am.


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