Madly in Love With a Stranger

It began like any other day at the office,

but as I glance up, I see you.


The electrifying eye contact between us, 

Shocked me to my inner core and took my breath away. 

I knew you were special, and I knew I wanted more.


I tried to ignore you,

What are the odds that I'll ever see you again, or have a shot with you? 


I continued working about, 

but your piercing eyes kept following my every move.

How in the world will I be able to gain the confidence to be able to confront you?


You were being treated, and I snook about,

trying to evesdrop and look into waht you were like.


Someone cracked a joke and I heard the best laugh I had ever heard,

a smile so bright and pure. 

Your prescence lit up the entire office and brought joy to my entire world for the next week. 


You left without me knowing, and carried on with your life, taking a piece of my heart with you. 

Do you still remember me? 

If you read this, will you know who I am? 

Do you dream of me in the same way that I have dreampt of you for the past month? 


I have liked many, flirted with some, and loved a few. 

But no one has captured my heart like you.

Your pure personality for a few minutes, you in your natural state, 

Never have I been so attracted to someone in such a manner.


I truly believe that I'm going to bump into you someday,

Someday when everything in my world has fallen apart,

and I need that boy with whom I fell in love,

Love at first sight. 


Everything will change once again,

just how you quickly changed my mood and gave me hope,

and everlasting state of bliss. 


But for now, 

I shall wait.

Speak to the immature boys, date the nice boys,

but I will always have you in the back of my mind.


The boy who changed my life and gave me hope,

the boy who lit up my face and my world

the boy who couldn't get his eyes off of me,

and the first boy who truly made me feel beautiful.


I can't wait to see you again, 

Be able to finally speak to you,

Hear your amazing voice,

and see that smile that I still daydream about. 


Can't wait for our next adventure,

Laters, baby.


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