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The sun rises and sets on another day of disgrace,

For a world filled with

Drug dealers, crack heads, hookers, and children

Without a place to call home.

But they warned us

About the world.

It isn’t easy!

The temptations of lyfe hold you,

Hold you back from your dreams.

Just ask the former college student who was valedictorian

But flunked out of college because he was too busy partying,

 Or the little Pentecostal girl

Who thought she met the man of her dreams

Not knowing when the test said pregnant

He would up and leave.

That’s why I spell life with a “y”,

Because the big question is why?

Why are people quick to notice what we do wrong,

And not help us do right?

Why when we do wrong we settle,

Like we can’t turn that wrong into a right?

But hey I guess that’s just a part of lyfe with a Y.

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