I've been on cloud nine,

I've been on rock bottom too.

I've called you mine,

and I've learned to be without you.


When i think of it, there's nothing I regret,

Those beautiful blue eyes I'll never forget.

Those tattoos that covered your skin

and how we could never argue cause you'd always win.


My Time with you was so precious 

and in an instant it was gone,

There's so much i want to say,

I guess im just holding on.


I still smell the scent of your cigarettes 

and how you cared so much for your hair,

The smile you kept on my face

and when I'd catch you stare.


I hate that you're not here

and that I can't hear you voice,

I miss you dumb jokes

but loving you was my best choice.

This poem is about: 


Ariel Eliason

A poem I made recently for My Love that passed away

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