Lucid dreaming


Traveling on my sub-conscience whim

the epiphany of pinched skin numb without 

the nerve to wake me I no longer hold fast to the

slipstream of the dream’s pursuit but instead 

create my own vast reality in the boundless circumference 

that is the human mind.

I take to the sky because earthly ties 

ground me like roots stemming from a spoiled stump

I travel because money doesn’t exist to form shackles at my 

feet and a bandaid for my third eye that seeps unscathed truths.

I arrive in California where the water chills the bone but no more than the fear of 

never being able to feel it with actual sensory.

I have arrived in the homeland of my soul and the body preceding mine.

I am here to put a taste on my tongue that is too fond of familiarity and unfairly stranger to salt water so before mother sun unveils her hue to spill over my naked face I think I’ll delve in the high tides and wade in the illusory wonderment 

as it is now clenched in my fist that the coming of morning 




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