Loving the Unlovable

Remember our past and the things we used to do

when we were so young and unsure?

Do you remember what I used to sacrifice for you

because I knew you were capable of more?


Do you ever show me the same loving care 

that I work so hard to show in what I do?

Every good deed I've done for you is met with a glare

yet I do it all because I love you.


I love you more than you could ever imagine

to the edges of the Earth and beyond

I love you even when you show no compassion

so why do you hatefully respond?


I hate this life you have made for me

for it has ruined the friendship we once had

You made me dwell im your personal misery

but I am still here through the good and bad.


I know, deep down, that you remember what I used to do

to please you and let you know how i feel.

But I will do it all agian because I love you

and my love for you is real.













This poem is about: 
My family
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