Loving not hating

Being with someone, your are with them
Not just them for their looks, or the way their body is, or for one thing only
When you love someone, you are there for them
Support them and cherish them, be sweet to them and show them an adoration they've never felt before
Adore the way they crinkle their nose when they laugh how they laugh so bright and full of light
Cherish the way they look at you, ever so deep into your eyes
Their emotions boring into you, coursing through your veins
They become your heart beat, your pulse
Your heart beats beat the same
They keep you teathered
You feel as light as a feather
Forever in your heart you hold them there
Even if they leave
Never treat them mean
Hold them steady
Be that shoulder they can lean on
That they can cry on
Don't give up on the one you love
If you do, you may lose them
Then you'll regret ever letting them go in the first place
And you will be consumed by self angst
You'll wish things could've never changed

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