Love's True Colors


United States
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Poor young man
Just loving wasn’t wrong
And still they took your life
They said “You don’t belong”

Not only did they take your life
They took your human right
Not because of anything you did
But because your skin wasn’t white

You lay silent and still
A victim of human fault
Your mother’s heart in pieces
Unable to stop the assault

All you wanted that day
Was a chance to belong
And even though they told you no
You stood determined, proud and strong

You knew that your color
Did not define your love
That your heart beat steady
Like everyone’s does

But the men in that town
They just did not see
That if they would just accept
You’d all be truly free

That white, blonde haired girl
Felt no different than you felt
But still you were judged
By the cards that you’d been dealt

You shared the same thoughts
Deserved the same freedoms
But when it came to the end
It was you attacked by demons

Not the demons in the books you read
Or those cast out by the lord
But the neighbors who committed sins
Your hometown had ignored

The times were different
But the judgment stays the same
If we can raise awareness
We can extinguish hatred’s flame

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