Loves Own Prevention

Sat, 10/27/2012 - 13:58 -- Grey


United States
37° 17' 31.4304" N, 81° 13' 47.4708" W

Your words hurt.
"You're beautiful."
"You're sweet."
"You're all I need."
I know you mean the words you say.
It just hurts to know the truth that we'll never be.
The truth that I'm mixed and you're white.
And your dad is willing to put up a fight.
A fight so we'll never be together.
A fight so that we'll never know true love.
Because I know you're who's right for me.
And I'll hold on as long as I can.
Like a leaf holds on to the tree.
If you let me go I'll fall to the ground.
Where I'll fade to the background and make no sound.
Your words hurt.
Even though that's not your intention.
"I love you."
But life is loves own prevention.


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