A Lover's Storm

Calm grays and chilly days
Seem to be the best to sit
And think about things 
That our minds won't seem 
To quit whispering about.


Soft murmurs of memories 
And talking about daydreams
Of lives that could be.
A life of something different, 
A life of you and me.


I look out onto the wet rain kissed streets,
And wonder what it must be like 
To be the Earth; a quiet shoulder 
For the sky to cry on when they've 
Held onto too many things.


I wonder, my dear, if I could someday
Be the Earth that your clouds need
To cry on. If I could maybe take your pain,
And from it show you how gorgeous 
The trees and flowers are that bloom from struggles.


Without a little rain, 
The Earth cannot grow,
But neither will it live if the skies only ever gave sorrow.
There needs to winds to blow the rain away,
And sunlight to warm the Earth.


So to you my dear, my friend, my love,
Don't be afraid to cry on my Earth.
I am no stranger to tears or pain,
Moreover, I know of what beautiful things
Can come from those feelings.


Let me be your winds,
To bring you the scents of the flowers
You helped grow and the trees that stand tall.
Let me be your sunlight, to show you
That never will the rain be eternal.


Darling you claim to be a hurricane,
And bless your kind heart for wanting
To spare my city from your destruction.
But know that I have crossed hurricanes more painful,
And that my world can be rebuilt if needed.


Calm your fearful storms,
Ease your troubled thoughts.
I am not here to stand on the shore
And wonder if the hurricane 
Will actually come or not.


I can't guarentee anything,
But neither can you.
So before you claim to be darkness,
And fear all of the "if's" that lie ahead,
Just know with certainty that


No matter what,


I will always love you unconditionally,
My precious rain cloud.

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