I have always wished for something more

a little hope,

a little love,

a little bit of something.

But now I sit by myself

wishing for nothing.


Darkeness surrounds me

watching me from the corner of my room.

I am surrounded by things 

not able to find what is true.

Confidence is out the window

and the clock that has always flew.

No time, 

No love,

No way to know

what will happen next.

So I sit by myself 

waiting for the text.


The phone beside me

does not light

he will never answer me.

I may feel something real

but he will never for me.

Just friends,

maybe we could be more,

but I sit alone tonight

waiting by the phone.


Hidden in the darkness

is where I will always be;

unable to find the spark of love

from under my sheets.

He will never see me

for more than just a friend.

A female friend

never more

waiting for the cure.


Alone at prom

is what i suspect;

Alone on Valentine's day.

So I sit by myself

Alone til the end of days.

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