I am.
Loved, that is.

They don't always say it,
They mayn't always show it,
And I mightn't always feel it,
But it's there.

He's there.

And in the dark of night,
When nothing seems quite right,
And I'm filled with despair;
His love can fill the air.

His. God's.

Because on earth,
I bemoan being
When really, maybe it's the best thing
Because (romantically)
Not hurting a friend
Means not leading them on
Just because I'm lonely.

And celibacy is hard.
But I'll do it, for the time
After the time
I spent here on earth.

It's going to be worth it,
'Going to be worth it'
"Going to be worth it"
Moves from thought
To whisper
To word.

And I will believe that.


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