Love You In Slience

I have nothing to say when it comes down to loving you.
Cause your not there to listen.
I have nothing to say when it comes down to you holding me
Cause you not there to do.
I love you in silence.
Hold you in silence.
Well not hold you physically but mentally
Cause you not there...
I wipe you tears away in silence
Hush don’t you cry in silence
But it the other way around
Only time u comes around is when someone else gets
Involved I’m not saying no names but you know who they are
Telling them everything
That I suppose know
Telling how u feeling
Sorting out problems
Then what my purposes of being here
I stand in silence.
Watching your every invisible move
How you smile when she there
Tell her what going in your life
Refused to block her on face book
Telling him how you afraid that I do u like your ex
Open my legs up to infected niggas like your ex
That gives you a great chance to leave me
It would.
I cry in silence.
I’m tired of trying to make you happy
So I silently I put beautiful design on me
Just to see how you hurt me on the inside
On the outside
I scream in silence.
I know you love me
Just afraid to show me it all
I wanted someone who won’t give up on no
Matter how hard I try to push them away.
They are still there.I want true love …
Well I guessing you couldn’t handle that
Cause you left 3 times.
And I forgave you for that.
I love you in silence.
Passed and I wonder if you notice..
I love you in silence
But marry to you emotionally


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