Love You More

No one tells you the bad parts about relationships...

There is always the one who loves the most and will forever love harder 

And that person will take so much pain and hurt and love the other with all of their being and believe them when they say "I'm sorry baby, I know I fucked up" and will never hurt you again 

The one who loves the most will doubt themselves and doubt their worth and doubt their entire existence and wonder what they did to deserve the heartbreak going on in their chest almost everyday because the one they love the most says I love you too, but doesn't say good morning or smile when you walk in the room like they use to. 

They don't tell you that having a broken heart is worse than being sick, or getting a bad grade, or when your car breaks down...

Because when you have a broken heart, the way you see it, the only one who can fix it, is the one who broke it in the first place. All you want is for them to love you back. They are your world, and they say you're my world too baby, but they don't say it the way you do. 

The "I love you texts" at 4 am or the random phone calls in the middle of the day saying "i just wanted to hear your voice" .... all those stop 

A broken heart can only be fixed by the one who broke it and if it doesn't get fixed then you're damaged goods and on to the next one you go until you have nothing left to give 

No one tells you that you will fall in love quick, and things will fall apart even quicker and that one day you'll imagine marrying that person next to you but the next day you'll be in tears because how could they be so stupid to hurt the only person in the world that would do anything for them, how could they be dumb enough to hurt the one who they say they love and promised not to hurt.... 

You wake up, you're 20 years old and you aren't yourself anymore. 

You are them. 

You are the ones who broke your heart mushed into a functional women who just wants to be a girl again. You pretend to be happy and play as if life is great.... But all you want is the one who you fell in love with. 

They all change. 

Every time. 

Never fails. 





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