The Love You Gain Over Time

My grandma is so close to my heart.

Without her, my life would be such a change.

I have loved her since the start,

If I didn't have her, my life would be strange.

My grandma helps me stay strong.

By boosting my mood, to help me gain a smile.

Our relationship has gone on for time that has lasted so long.

Based on that, eighteen years has been quite a while.

She's practically my mom.

And has raised me well.

She taught me to stay calm.

Even when my mind is going through hell.

As time goes on, I love her more and more.

With her being elderly till the day she's gone.

She is the one I truly love hardcore.

I cannot live without her.

She is what keeps me balanced out.

When she is gone, I will stay strong as armor.

With the love I have gained, I shall not pout.

In life you gain a connection,

With someone or something.

You're at the point where there's no such thing as rejection.

With them there are so many memories left to bring.


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My family
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