Love Undetermined

To be honest girl i don't know, how i feel if this is real, i feel as if times speed varies from fast to slow, everytime you come and go, my reality is so whack, its hard to keep track, of all that is happening in this crazy world, leaving my stomach swirled, I'm scared to share with you, my thoughts, my love, myself, feeling that someday you wont be there, cause all and all you just don't care, both lost in love from times we once knew, as i pour my heart into the ocean blue, hoping that it reaches you, all i know is that when i look at you, there might be something a brew, with you and i entwined  my whole world is at peace, everythings at ease as the planets become aligned, it was like a love potion, so full of notion just like crashing wave in the ocean of ebb and flow, ill give you my full devotion, i remember the first time i saw you, unable to realize what you could do to me, there was an autumn breeze in the air, oh how it free flowed through your hair, i know we both fear but i believe that is why we are here, we will both learn to embrace lifes pleasure and pains, so take this kiss upon your face, such a sight to see you and me so irie, we are where we need to be, just breathe, ill be yours if you'll be mine, through and through space and time.

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