that love type love

Love isn't simple to write about
It's rather hard
Which goes to show that love isn't easy
Love hurts
Just like my head does when I think about it
I want that unconditional love
That type of love God demonstrates 
Not any high school romance
Walking one another to class
Offering to hold books
Not that
Its more than that
When you leave you leave with a piece of me type love
No matter if you're going down the street or an hour away
When you leave the only thing I'm wondering is when you'll be coming back
I want to show you how much I love you
Allow me to give you all you deserve and more
No heart breaks
No extra drama
Although love is imperfect
But together we can make it right
Let me make you feel like the only one in the world
You're my kryptonite 
The only light I see type love
My everything
My perfectly imperfect type love


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