Love troubles

Troubles, I have troubles.

Here, there just about anywhere.

You could say I have 99 troubles

 And you’re all but one.


Why can’t you be loved or loving?

 I know you have been hurt,

 You are even hurting while I write this poem.

But babe that’s why were perfect for one another,

 You’re my lover, my missing piece,

The drug I can’t live without. 


You know what babe I still have your pictures all on my walls.

All those beautiful moments,

 All our great leaps for hope and those tragic falls of faith.

Now as I write this poem my hands start to shake,

My body starts to quiver,

My heart now starts to wither.

Like a dying rose turning darker,

 More fragile everyday it is being forgotten,

You see those petals on the floor,

 All crunched up from being unmercifully stomped on.

That’s the perfect depiction of what my heart feels and looks like after I gave it to you.

But all you did was just abandon it,

I my heart and our love.  

Babe I know we’ve been killed over, shot up, even beaten sideways.

But you know what babe why?

Why can’t we just be happy like we always would talk about?

Let’s just restart, turn back the hands of time.

But you can’t change the past,

No matter how much we would love too.

But 6 years, 6 years through all the pain,

Me being insane,

Why can’t I and you just step off this crazy love train?


It would be nice babe to stop walk and talk,

Change you know from running and hiding.

Hey babe remember how I said you were my 99 troubles,

 Except for one,

I’m the one trouble that caused the 99 for you and I.


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