Love, Time

It's almost been a day since we've said our goodbyes, but already I feel a sense of new beginnings; a feeling of freedom.
But then, the second day hits me, painfully like a wall of fire and my heart aches, burns and yearns for yesterday.
The third day is even worse and I can't sleep because my heart is pounding so loudly and my breathing becomes uneasy.
The fourth day, everything is midnight.
The fifth day, my silent tears continue to fall.
The sixth day my heart is empty, and my soul feels shredded to pieces.
A week, It's finally turned a week. Yes, it seems as if the days are becoming longer and longer.
All the movies seem like my heart-breaking nightmares.
All the sad love songs sound like my crying desperation.
But, the next month creeps along, and I can feel my cold, frigid heart start to beat. I can finally feel the wind on my face.
My eyes open up.
I look forward to tomorrow.
A year. Wow, already a year and I have found someone else who is alot like you. I feel love in my heart again and my painful memories of you laggardly fade away.
Now, it has been 375 days. Only 10 days from the anniversary of our departure. Sometimes the news of you still bothers me a bit, but I can still turn around and smile.
Love tends to be like that.
Time is the only cure.
I really thought I wasn't going to make it back then, but with every tremble; with every step, I felt stronger again.
So if this new love decides to hurt me, It won't hurt just as bad.
So I'll say goodbye, smiling.
Because love will come again.


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