Love Struck Fools

Tue, 07/12/2016 - 14:19 -- chanbi

Across the stars, a name is written,

As any fraud oracle could’ve predicted,

All have become love struck fools, completely smitten.

They’ll have just as soon become all the more addicted.


A feeling they chase with love stricken hearts,

Believing the fallacies of love that were spoken from fools,

Their hearts foolishly defenseless from the start,

As they’ll find that love does not play by the rules.  


And only a fool would be so asinine as to chase,

Nothing but those fickle, temporary emotions,

As the time will show on the imperfect face,

And soon you’ll be lost, forgotten in the abyss, love nothing but a notion.


But to every man and woman their poison,

Cyanide deep in their veins before they realize Love’s Treason.


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Our world


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