Love sick pt.2

Later on she said she wanna come see where I live
You know as an old G, I know a rookie for real
But I had to say no, I ain't no opportunist
Probably she looking for a guy to come tackle her bills
That's my way of being nice to a virg' at list
With the look on her face, I knew I broke her so deep
Then I said "I'm sorry girl I got you chatching feelings
I just wanna stay true, I don't need no gimmicks"
She said "You're the quiet type plus you're so timid,
So I can understand your fears and your lack of feelings..."
Now I'm left with no choice but to tell her the truth
I throwback a couple of years to my early Youth
When I fell in love on the street to a school girl
Been kicking it for 5 years, she' my only pearl
I mean, I gat a soulmate, what' a 33333-some 444?
Hope you understand I need no love anymore when I'm like-

Baby I'm afraid to fall in love, looovvveee.

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