Love is like a Rose


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our Love is like a rose.
Beautiful to the eye,
And deadly to touch.
Feeding off of words so lovely and sweet.
Thriving off of passion and feelings so deep.

Yet deadly as a slithering snake,
more despair than one human can take.
Razor sharp thorns
tearing at hearts full of scorns.

words whispered through soft lips
lead to the sweetest lovers kiss
Kisses stren through the night
Lead to the most amazing sight

Tangled in each others arms
enthralled with the others charms.
Love is sweet , tender and kind
But one lovers eyes have turned blind.

He waits in the shadows with another
Not the one who swears he loves her
the thorns surround the essence of the breathless flower
around these darkest hour

No longer blinded by lovers eyes
A piece of her heart suffers and dies
She clings to all the sweet kisses
and wishes once again for all those blisses

His heart is torn between her and another
Yet he can't decide between Love and a Lover
No action he takes just enjoying both
Dashing the rules of love and destroying hope.

She waits and wishes
hoping to forget the one she misses
The person in whish she put her life around
Left screaming at every sound

Love is beautiful
Love is blind
Love is for the sound of mind
Love is real
Love is pain
Most of all Love is NOT a game.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

said it with precise and clarity

great job

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