Love Poem for Tyler


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This poem for you may seem somewhat cliché
This poem may show I get carried away
But I promise you now, my words are true
This poem is one big “Tyler, I love you!”

There are some things I feel need to be said
First, I’m guilty for wanting you in bed
And the way you smell, it drives me wild
Every time we touch, I’m left beguiled

Your soft, enchanting lips and tight, warm hugs
Make me want to snuggle up like lovebugs
To break us up would be very hard to do
‘Cause there’s never a moment I don’t want you

I must thank you, my love, for everything
From McDonald’s runs to the songs you sing
From being sassy to being sexy
From comforting me to laughing at me

You have my loyalty, respect, and trust
You have my love, infatuation, and lust
And I’m so proud to call you my boyfriend
This is the message I’m trying to send

No thing or person will tear us apart
I say this from the bottom of my heart
Without you, nothing much seems to matter
So please take my heart, don’t let it shatter

We’re a perfect match, you can’t deny it
Other kids are so jealous they could spit
‘Cause I’m perfect for you, you’re perfect for me
Forever “L.T.H. + T.J.D-B.”



Very cute :-) Nice rhyme scheme and flow

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