Love Poem #1

The sunshine was as

thick as fog

and all I could see

was your face

with your lips

Lips that gave kisses

 that melted the ice

that covered my body.

Kisses that

were sweeter than strawberries in June

Kisses that sent sparks

from my lips to

my fingertips.

This isn’t the kind of love

that I can depend

on the petals of a flower

to give me the truth

I can only

believe you when

words more precious than

gold or silver or rubies or pearls

spill out of your mouth

and into my endless ear

your words turn to actions

to my reactions and my words.

Your arms protect me better

than any blanket

or nightlight

or dream catcher

or innocence.

In your arms

the rest of the world can wait

because right now

my favorite song is your heartbeat

and my favorite smell is your t-shirt

and my favorite feeling is this love


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