Love, Pain


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Dear Reader,

You're so broken,
You're so hopelessly alone.
You've met the worst part of yourself,
Your body's now your home.

You're commrades; nonexistant
For they are only them
who stand no chance to make advance at wars they wage within

They're only you but diffrent
So there's nowhere to hide
But they still do which serves renew to anguish that's inside

You'll never learn from looking
Your peers will never speak
Of years of tears that burned and seared thier faces and thier cheeks

So here: You're served with solitude.
You must learn from yourself
And truly, it's the only way
since truth's from noone else

Your taught from fraught and sobbing that you'll later learn to savor
The joy I'll strip away from you,
Consider it a favor.

And while you're screaming
Close to Death
and cursing me,
The blame
Consider that you'll never make these same mistakes again.

And though you'll find it tempting to restroll that sunny lane,
that scar I left will render all your clouded judgement sane.

And thanks to me, and all youve seen, you'll never be the same.

Love, Injuries
Love, HeartBreak,
Love, Judgement and Disdain
Love, Trail
Love, Tribulation
Love, Solitude
Love, Pain.



The choice to format a poem as a letter is so original, and made it very personal. I found it interesting how the author of this letter is not just one, but many emotions that all people feel at some point in their lives


i really enjoyed it. very expressive and deep.


OMG so honest, realistic, and eye opening... hits the core of someone who has experience many dimensions of love, which is unintentionally yet faithfully painful.

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