A Love Like No Other

The love you give is like no other.

It’s as if you are my mother.

Advice you give eases my pain,

like when the sun comes out and clears the rain.

You teach me things I’ve never heard

without even having to say a word.

Through laughter and gaze,

I stand here amazed,

with power, courage, and love.


Although you’re far away,

there is no dismay.

With warmth from your heart,

despite our distance apart,

I know you will not betray.

You’ve been through it all;

You’ve saved me from falls.

I don’t know how I’ll ever repay.


There come days when mom is at work,

and dad is a jerk,

while the kids roam around out of control.

But you hold me up tight,

then tell me, “You’re right”,

and I know that I’m out of the hole.


For now and forever

I’ll call you my grandmother,

along with my cousins and brothers.

But there’s this you should know,

I will never let go,

because you saved me like no other.


From you my life flows,

I have prospered and grown,

And I’ll never go back to that corner.


You’ve uncovered the dark

that has held me apart and

I truly owe you my life.


You’ve been more than just nice,

thanks for all your advice,

Please don’t go away.

However a day a will come,

when I’ll be out on my own,

and I’ll know just what to say.






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