Love of My Life


How do we breathe
Or why do we sneeze?
How do our intestines move our food
And why are our neurons valued?
All of these questions appear
At times when it is unclear
It is then when we turn to biology
Even though it isn't easy
But I guess I'm very unique
I think about bio even as I speak
Cells amaze me and muscle are cool
This may be the best part of school
But my favorite by far are these three
Learning about cells that are smaller than flea
The digestive track our food follows
And the heart with its blood flow
But bio can be tiring and tedious
So much that we may cuss
But if we hang on and get passed by it
We might even benefit
Biology helps me understand how I was made
But my friends always felt dismayed
I could understand why and how the body worked
Although many of my friends always shirked
Biology makes me feel so wise
Because it answers all of the "why's"
I would beg to learn more
Since this is what I adore
Since we should work for something we have passion in
Working for something related to bio for me is definitely a win
I'm always thinking about my future
So maybe a veterinarian as my occupation is a keeper



My favorite subject, maybe the only class I studied because I was so interested.


This is really good. *snap, snap*

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