Helplessly falling beneath your wide eyes

Smile while your lips speak into my soul flling my belly with butterflies

Caramel fingrtips pressed tinderly onto my brown skin

Gripping, tugging, rubbing, bringing me deeper within

Your bodies safe haven, i rest easy snuggled in an abundance of comfort

Support my dreams, my body,my soul, is yours

My mind, heart, evey thought, is yours

I require your love

Tossing and turning while my dreams climax with your love


Screw the longng of time's wait and the thought's of later and later on

Forget hectic and busy flooded calendars

Disregard stresses of classes, tests, and deadlines

Because here lies a woman waiting for you to be her king in the midst of everything

Here lies a woman ready to be your queen

I wish upon a star for you to love me as i do you

Just love me as i do you





Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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