A Love Letter (Sort Of.)



That day, when other boys were crumping,

My heart was racing fast and thumping.


To my crush, I had to confess.

I was nervous and nauseous, at best.


I couldn’t hide from you any longer.

I didn’t want my feelings to get stronger.


Although I did not dread rejection,

I thought you’d respond with aggression.


You had stolen my heart for over three years.

I had hoped that I would not shed any tears.


Summoning courage, I raced up to you.

My face was blushing as red as a stew.


“Excuse me,” I said. “Do you have time to talk?”

“Sure,” you replied.  So we went for a walk.


I waited till we reached a place with less people.

We were on a stairwell, or was it a steeple?


I whispered I liked you so much I could scat,

But if you didn’t like me, I could live with that.


You giggled and said (as a bro) I was cool,

But there was another guy who made you drool.


I felt a great wave of relief.

My confessions didn’t cause beef.


I expected you to curse or run away,

Or kick me in a place where I’d rather not say.


I’m glad you took what I said so well,

Instead of making my life a living hell.


You were too kind, so I do yearn

That you get this other guy in return.


I walked out of the room, on my own,

Just in case you needed time alone.


Also, I hadn’t eaten lunch,

for I was afraid I’d puke a bunch.


However, I’m too relieved to vomit

While I eat ice cream with sprinkles on it.


A little off topic, but I had a weird lunch

Because the day was multi-culti, for those with no hunch.


I cannot say, “Now we are two.”           

But you’re cool I was hot for you.


I was rejected, but it it’s not the end.

I have someone better than a date: a friend. 


Anna Banana

This poem was based on a real conversation on my High School crush. This is a thank-you letter of sorts, which shows my gratitude that the two of us are still friends.

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