A love letter to sleep

Sweet Jesus 

How I love you


So sinfully, 

a sweet sin 

I commit

all too readily


Because, my love 

your soft touch 

is like air to me 


I need it 

I want it 

so desperately 


And when I have it 

mankind knows no words 

to describe 

such pure ecstasy 


You're the sin 

of all sins 

you bring out the worst in me


Is it sloth

that I lust for you 

that I desire you 

so greedily


Or pride?

The delicious feeling 

That comes

when you deliver my dreams 

to me 


Or is it the wrath 

that I encase 

when you are taken

too soon  

from me? 


I do not care 

If you are sin 

then I will sin 

because your sin 

is heaven



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