Love isn't a fight, but something worth fighting for.


A healthy Relationsihp to me means love. 

Love that means, its not a fight, but it's something worth fighting for,  

A healthy relationship means, I will not be passive aggressive towards you 

I will not leave an argument unsolved, I will listen as well as speak up,  

I'll never leave you when I’m committed just because its hard,  

I"ll hold you up when you're feeling weak, and I won't make fun of you,  

I'll be yours and yours alone, I will not cheat on your heart.  

It means I am never letting go, Means nothings getting in our way,  

A healthy relationship means, solving the issues and not sleeping in anger,  

A healthy relationship means respecting each-others weaknesses and honoring their strengths.  

When a relationship is healthy it means your both giving not just one taking.  

A relationship means even when its hard, you fight for the relationship, not against it.  

It means being silly, acting like kids and going through every emotion together.  

It means understanding your part and taking responsibility for your own actions 

It means you won't shift the blame, It means you will communicate,  

It means you will complement, encourage, and support them, honor one another.  

A healthy relationship means #becauseIreallyloveyou I will respect, honor, love and fight for our relationship.  

Because I really love you, I will help you through every hard time, I will Never give up on us, I will protect our relationship from the worlds views, hurt, and anger. And Fill our relationship with love, acceptance, understanding, listening, and feelings. 


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