Love isn't Bruises


You banged on my heart

like your fists were a drum;

You gathered me sweetly

in arms like a dove—

You told me “always”

under the sun.

You gave me bruises,

Don’t you see everyone!

I loved you dearly,

I loved you enough:

Hit me a bit harder

I can’t feel your love.

Plant flowers in the mailbox:

I’ll love you again

I’ll love you here.


Oh my sweetheart,  

I thought this was love:

you kissed me so sweetly

you kissed me so numb.

I thought you were love,

but my bones are too sore

but your hands are too rough

like the glass on this floor.

Love isn’t bruises,

Love isn’t pain,

Love isn’t flowers,

and Love isn’t rain.

Love is the sunset

Love is the morn’

Love isn’t promises

to hurt me some more.

So please, leave,

don’t ever come back:

My heart was a dove—

you left my wings cracked.

Oh my darling, you’re not the one…

You thought love was bruises

I thought love was sun.



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