A love I could not save

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 23:16 -- Grant12

Before you my life was empty

and I could only dream your face

My world lacked for your beauty

your honesty and Grace


And willingly I waited

believing it was true

Never needing them to tell me then 

to know that it was you


To hear you share your story

Of  a life of joy and pain

It's sews the seeds of change in me

I fear I'll never be the same


When thinking of tomorrow

when I have left and gone away

And how I will never find the words in time

to change my mind and stay


What I'm left with are my memories 

of how I held you in my arms

and how with just one kiss that felt like bliss

did me such lasting harm


Why we cannot be together

Is a cross that I must bare

And so I'm filled with sadness still

much like that cross you wear


I hope you find your passion

and with time you might forgive

And with your grace find me a place

in your thoughts where I might live


For I've made my choice to hold you

forever in my heart

And though not allowed to see it now

I know there we'll never part


Understand this is my burden

That I will carry to my grave

for the truth I fear has made me aware

Of a love I could not save

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This poem is also about her.

Or in this case the lack of her!

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