Love Hurts

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 15:45 -- ikolmer


It starts with a look. A turn of the head and an acknowledgment of there existence. What starts so simple leads to something beautiful. Something majestic and pure. Love. 


Months have passed. It's been a tough path. She started out with a wall in front of her heart. Not just to keep pain out but also to keep it in. The pain from her past that effects her everyday.


He climbs that wall a little. Its not easy. Two feet up, one down most days. But with every trouble that comes along his arms get stronger from climbing and her wall gets shorter.


The day comes when he is finally at the top of the wall. Looking past it at the beauty and power of her heart. He has worked so hard to get there. All he can do is smile. 


He looks down at her standing at the bottom of the wall. Then he jumps... He doesn't look down as he falls closer and closer to the ground. Head over heals as they say.  There is nothing he can do at this point anyways.


It's up to her now. He closes his eyes having complete faith that she will catch him...


He tells himself "I dropped a tear in the ocean today. When she finds it is when I will stop loving her."


Years pass. He wakes up in bed to the sun coming in threw the shades. Turns over and there she is. As beautiful as the day he met her. The sun reflects off the glass pains and her hair glows like a fire. 


Since the day he met her she has slowly been working her way into his veins. The look was the injection. She has moved closer and closer to his heart with every passing second. 


Today she has his heart in the palm of her hand. He feels like nothing could break him now. With her he is invincible. He doesn't know just how fragile his heart truly is...


It took a fraction of a second. He was at his best. The top of the world. Then it ended at the speed of light. She crushed his heart in the palm of her hand.


We are all just looking for unconditional love. Without boundaries and full of joy.



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