Love, Doings

I speak in your ear, about love

ecstasy find you here, speaking love

I’m nothing of a lover, noting of love

My words have power, revealing love.

The mysteries of my love, everything goes deep

Love is looking at you, as baby finds sleep,

I can jump in love, because I understand

but what if I don’t love, then I have lost.


If I give everything I own, I find

don’t never, go anywhere with love

whatever I say, whatever I believe,

whatever I do, whatever I feel.


Love control whatever that was,

it never gives up.

cares about you more.

controls its destiny.

It will not strut, a determine love!

It also understands its values,

will force itself on you

it’s never about me first

it will never fly off the handle


it never keeps the score

Takes pleasure in your beauty

With this drive, it will find

always Put up with anything

Believe in the possibilities,

this gripping love


looking for the best in you

don’t look back, this love got you

The value it holds will take you to the end

It will never die, infinity love

this inspired my pieces, always move me.

help me feel comfortable about the unknown.

this motion completes me.

When I was baby, I remember this love

When I was big kid.


I was still getting this love

Now, I am grown up, it still stays with me

When things not clear, it directs me

My eyes get foggy, it finds me


When I peer through the mist, it feels me

The weather is clears, the sun is shining

The mood is set, the vibe is right

The time is now, all of me, want all of you

The completeness, the consummation, the trust

The extraordinary feel I have, with this LOVE


The End


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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