Love Conquers All

We live in a world where knowledge is hated.
Where the very existence of our people is constantly reminded of hatred.
Where we look in our faces you see a sign of misguided anger and the very same people that brought us here we look forward to their praises.
Our innerstanding of ourselves has always been tainted with no real intentions of changing it.
We are in the Matrix.
We constantly battle each other for the next spot in this world.
Just in case we never get a second chance, we want to say we made it.
But as we step on the next man to get ahead, we forget about our purpose for returning to our physical bodies.
Forgetting that we are spirits walking this earth for sombody.
Although we are hated, mistreated, misunderstood, and misguided, our underlining purpose is to love.
We were designed for it.
Our natural anatomy is to connect with each other and show that connection with the world.
We must understand that this very feeling is a power underestimated.
Our survival depends on it.
When we look at our faces we shouldn't see other races rather we should identify the love that lies dormant.
Love is the highest vibration
Without it we are all called to damnation.
We should recognize the power of its existence
Because one day we will either use it or lose it.
Love is the only entity that will conquer hatred.
Imagine a world full of melaninated faces.
That would rather live in peace and harmony rather than compete with the demons that face us.
We are the people of greatness.
As soon as we acknowledge this, our power of love will forever exist.

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Our world


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