Love to a Child

The little boy asks his mother, "What do you mean it's not easy?" The mother smiles and tells him that for a true love you have to work hard for it... he looks at her quizzically, his little face scrunching with though, "But it is easy to love you momma." She smiles and says that he will understand one day, when he knows more and is ready. She looks at her little son before he can ask anymore questions from his curious being- even at her age many people do not have any answers to his questions about love. This only confuses him but with a determined pudgy fist in the air, he declares, "I will study momma, I will learn so I can answer adult's questions- I will know- you'll see." As if it was that simple, the little boys marches off after hugging her legs. 
As if it is that simple to find the answers to the greatest adventure and mystery.


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