A Love-- Break up Letter

It’s not you… It’s me…

No, no, no-- It’s most certainly the other way around!

Listen, sweetheart… I love you

But you need to change, first.


I fell in love with you

I tumbled head over heels across your rolling planes;

I had the hots for your Mojave desert-- something I will never forget!

New York city is the apple of my eye!


I want to caress your mountain ranges--

Feel the rough edges against my soft hand!

I want to smooth down the forests--

Rub my face in the sweet, earthy scent!

I want to submerge myself in your lakes--

Get lost in the depths of your eyes…


But I also want to be happy.


Listen, your aesthetics are great! Don’t get me wrong.

But we have no future together.

Besides, I know you are not faithful.


I know you’ve been spending time with other guys.

Shhhh! Don’t start with me!

I’ve seen those multi-millionaires you sleep with!

Are they better than me because they have money!

You… you-- Gold-Digger!

(And not the 49er kind!)

I thought you had higher standards!


If you change your mind--

--and your preference of people--

I may come back

… Oh how I want to come back.


I love you, America.


This poem is about: 
My country


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