Love is an Art ?


Some say love is a form of art
 I tend to disagree.
 Art comes with inspiration,
 love means losing greed.
 Seeing art is proof,
 but in love you only need to believe.
 Love is made for two,
 art is an opinion causing someone to disagree with you.
 Love is the magic that makes and keeps two people together,
 that special bond they share no matter the rough times or weather.
 To have someone hold you down always, what feeling could be better?
 Waking up to someone that holds and cares about your heart
 You carry hers with delicacy,
 being ever so careful so it doesn't rip apart.
 Art on the other hand
 It really can last a long time
 But How many years,
until it's out of mind ?
 Love is different
 If practiced right it lasts an eternity
 Art is most likely a material piece
 Love lasts forever not physically but psychologically and metaphorically.
 Nothing more beautiful than hearing
 "I'm giving you all of me"
 Love as an art ?
 I can't help but disagree.




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