Love and Regret

I will never regret you, but I regret the choice I made

I've done alI can do to forget you and let the memories fade

I reminded myself of what I deserve and what I recieved

The yelling, lack of trust, pleas made that neither of us ever believed

My pillow caught the tears that you never cared to acknowledge

For a while I had a fear of being alone but it's brought me strength and knowledge

In case you ever wonder, I'm doing great that's not something I'm just saying

I finally have time for me, when it comes to "love" I'm perfectly content with waiting

I got my true smile back my flame is once again ignited

They ask if there will be redemption but I'm not that far sighted

But I don't hate you, never have, and never will

I still put aside the line of guys auditioning to make me happy like it's a position to fill

Not because of you, I do it for myself

Never will I ever choose another that's bad for my mental health

I'm on the rim of falling into my prime

The last thing I need is a repeat of someone wasting my time


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