Love and Fear

First came the hitting,

Then I was sheltered from everything.

The fear was normal,

It was everyday,

Was this not a normal thing for people?

What you “taught” me made me more susceptible to what came next...

Next came the biting,

The choking,

And then the groping.

You said you loved me, right?

That’s what love is,

What I was told it was,

Where did I go wrong?

I feared your house,

Feared being alone with you,

Who knew what unspeakable thing you would make me do next?

I left you,

Blocked most of it out,

Now I have to fix what you broke,

Have to pick up the pieces that you threw to the ground.

Now I no longer see black and white,

But also the grey and the silver.

The grey will always be there as a reminder,

The black will always be the bad,

The white will always be the good,

And the silver,

That is the best part,

Because that is the happiness,

Where the fear and sadness do not exist.

Those are the moments that truly matter,

With little to no fear.

To those that hurt me,

That killed me:

These silver moments have no room for you,

So thank you for giving me those.


Silver is my favorite color.

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