Love is not what it seems.

It kick you down and break you love is kind of mean.

But don't worry about love

Worry about the green

It'll get you it get you where you wannabe

Just make sure when you do it do it legendly

Don't worry about what haters think let haters be

Don't let haters interfere

It stop your grind

And when it stop your grind then you wont shine.

Just make your way to the top when u do it

Don't stop, don't stop till you do it.

Heading for my future

Looking at my past

Pass that go ahead and step on the gas

And now I flash back

I was sitting in class

Fucking missing him

Like why couldn't we last

You were hard on me

Look at what we had

It was a apart of me

Hitting the jams at 6 am

The boy of my dreams

Is just an illusion

He left my heart broken

Knuckles bleeding and brusin

Punching the walls trying to alleviate the pain

Its true when they say boys drive you insane

Make me second guess

Every thought in my brain

Boys ain't shit

But hoes with dicks!

Fuck that flip that

Sign a script

You'll never play another mutha fucka


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My community
My country
Our world
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