The essence of life? or The pursuit of happiness? 

A gift so free but so much value, 

although not an athlete can always foul you... 

What is this Love? 

I've seen the best hide and seekers count to 30 and still can't find it 

And with 20/20 vision still get blinded.... 

What is this love? 

Merriam- Webster defined it, but didn't quite describe it. 

A word that can cause silence and stop the violence. LOVE 

I hear you can be "head over heels,"; sounds like a story that can't be real. 

Or that PERFECT banana that's hard to peel.... 

It's like that beautiful gift that's hard to seal.... What is this love 

I asked to be answered with "It’s hard to explain" 

Why play if you can't win the game, that sounds lame. 

Luckily I found MUSIC 

So Aubrey Graham.... Take Care... She'll Thank Me Later cause since I've found it and Nothing was the Same. 



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