Love is...

Love is…life.


Love is the way the sunrises on the water or the way the water crashes on the sand on a warm summer day.

Love is the feeling of getting up after a good sleep or the feeling of your loved ones embrace after a long time apart.

Love is smelling your favorite homemade meal as our walk in after a long day or smelling candles when the lights are out.

Love is the touch of our mom’s comforting hand when you are sick or the touch of raindrops on our face during spring.

Love is seeing a kid’s first achievements or seeing a rainbow after the rain.

Love is hearing your favorite song on the radio or hearing a reassuring voice in times of need.

Love is the way we follow in superstitions or the way we committedly make a wish every 11:11.

Love is all the things that make life so special.

Love is all the things that we take for granted.

Love is all the things that without, our life would be incomplete.


Love is…… life.



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