Southern thunderstorms, raw oysters, and sweet ice tea

Not many would understand the hold that Louisiana has on me


It was where I grew up, where I shot my first buck

Louisiana was always where I had the best luck


Louisiana made me what I am today

It made me say y'all instead of what others would instead normally say


It made me love Mardi Gras and fresh crawfish

It made me love to eat spicy dishes


Now I might of ended up like I am today

If I grew up anywhere else, some place maybe far away


But you just wouldn't understand

If I told you that I like picking cotton by hand


Well some of you might

But that isn't the point I'm trying to bring to light


Louisiana has been the state where I grew up in

Never before have I been


Living in another state longer than here

I never even left to move elsewhere


Louisiana made me a country girl through and through

It made me never question who


I am and I never questioned who I was at heart

For my love of southern thunderstorms and raw oysters never departed


Growing up in Louisiana has made me the woman I am today

The one who is not afraid to speak with a Southern accent everyday













This poem is about: 
My family


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