Loud Coward

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 16:23 -- Ilonwy



I don’t call myself a man.

I don’t claim to know of war,

But I have seen the haunted looks

which make the strongest hearts sore.

You laugh at death for it’s no threat to you.

You make war your child’s game

Laughing loudly, your voice carries,

Spitting on your defender’s name.

Loud guns, shrapnel and blood

Are just fine through a screen.

But when you pull a real trigger,

End a life, your soul has lost its clean.

Black as your humor is your heart,

And yellow your belly be.

Do you think that you’re so smart?

Did you think nobody would see?

Wise men don’t point out their wisdom.

Strong men don’t display their strength.

They’ll just fight for kin and kingdom

As long as their short life’s length.

Silly boy in love with blood,

For it is not yours to be spilt.

When it takes the ones you love,

All your bravado then will wilt.



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