Lost in Myself

Young girl with eyes the color of moss.

There are often times she feels lost.

"Mommy is sick," They all would say.

That was before mommy went away.

Did she do something wrong?

All she knew was Mommy was gone.


"It's called a date.

I won't be out too late."

How could daddy just move on?

The pain and sorrow was too strong.

New mother was kind and loud, the best sort of side-kick,

That was when new brother got sick.

"He'll get better,

He has to."


The moss was fourteen when new brother,

When he closed his eyes, with tears from new mother.

Her cry remains in the moss' eyes.

Life is full of stupid lies.

"I'm not meant to be happy, I am moss."

Pain will always be the boss.


"I'll make you feel better," the boys always said.

They made young girl just want to be dead.

They all spoke the same.

It never changed.

"I won't hurt you." they'd whisper.

"Everyone does." moss wimpered.


Moss covers the pain, hides the lies.

Her eye were her only disguise.

New mother was angry when she found out.

Young girl kept begging her not to shout.

Time passed by.

Young girl still cried.


Eyes full of dark reached and found hold.

Moss felt God push away the cold.

New mother helped moss push through.

Young girl knew there was nothing she couldn't do.

This pain no longer defines you.


Young girl with eyes the color of moss,

You will not always be lost.






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