Lost memory

I forgot you yes,
maybe perhaps it fail to achieve the same thoughts
as i all provide you,I saw you go
by the enormity of life which is more durable than your,
It was the right thing to have let you go,
I free you from the worst cause of your need,
your hands hold me up when I felt bad,
but don't know why there are moments,
your beliefs were yours for yours
and i respect beliefs of everyone,
just hard for me to understand,
because the moment you said I love you
and I love was the intention of the words,
restlessness with which you protected me,
only saw between the distance between your pupils,
and only wish that it had been your splendor,
a space between the two there can not change it more,
if you took your decisions.

I had heart with you and you painted in black,
you wrapped the feeling and was momentary for you,
you will learn that the feeling is the only thing in life you'll get to the other.

the feeling is the attitude of my heart more with his character could not defend the distances you told me with one ‘’not’’
only not to show me that there is nothing that felt for me more,today kilometers of their distances exhaust the time to memory loss can not recall since you said goodbye, the truth i forget about you.


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